The aim of the event is to examine the culture that develops around football, with particular focus upon the influence of the sport on other cultural media. Football is a prominent part of contemporary culture, and the strong influence that it has on social and political identities is often reflected in wider cultural production. Despite this, it is sometimes argued that football is an example of low or “mass” culture, removed from “high” cultural forms. The event will interrogate this viewpoint and attempt to demonstrate the sport’s influence upon a wide variety of cultural forms.

The event is organised by Dr Anthony May (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Dr Christopher Daley (University of Westminster).

The principal partners of the event are the Centre for the Study of Football and its Communities at Manchester Metropolitan University, and In the Zone sports consultancy. We thank both for their kind support.

We can now confirm that the event will take place on the 7th November 2014 at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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